Stuzzi Gin Per Negroni

The saying goes that it takes 10,000 hours of something to become an expert, and 10,000 Negronis later, comes the definitive Negroni Gin. Designed by flavour experts and Italian obsessives to turn the volume up on one of the world’s favourite cocktails.

La Dolce Vita, Yorkshire Style

A good drink starts in the foundations, and a great drink is more than just the sum of its parts, it’s ingredients shaking and stirring together, blending into something entirely new, that works better than each on its own, it’s a symphony… a bitter, sweet symphony. Made with candied Sicilian orange, a touch of Italian bergamot and cut with Yorkshire water, Stuzzi Per Negroni Gin takes the negroni and cranks the volume up to 11, playing that symphony LOUD.

Because life’s too short to drink bad Negroni.

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We’re in the business of mouth bangs...

Stay with us. What started its life as an ‘in’ joke between the four of us - creators of Stuzzi restaurants in Yorkshire, Jimbob, Harvey, Brett & Tom - born out of sleep deprived delirium and alcohol while we were setting up our Harrogate restaurant, gradually became a motto, a mission, our Stuzzi way of life.

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