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Stuzzi Gin Per Negroni

Stuzzi Gin Per Negroni

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As the saying goes, it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert. Well in that case, the four guys behind Stuzzi Restaurants are most certainly experts in the art of the iconic red drink - and these four award-winning restaurateurs and flavour obsessives have decided like is too short to drink bad negroni, so they turned their noses, palates and attention to creating the perfect gin for this classic cocktail.

It’s a gin that exists by the classic Italian philosophy of simple dishes and drinks that let their ingredients shine, and embodies the Italian sprezzatura; an Italian mood of nonchalant, urbane elegance - with a sprinkling of refreshing Yorkshire honesty and hospitality.

Stuzzi Per Negroni Gin’s flavour is centred around candied Sicilian orange, rather than the more typical orange peel that you typically find in gin. Orange is of course an important aspect of the Negroni, and by using candied oranges, you get a slight sweetness to the gin instead of the slight bitterness you get with orange peel. The candied orange sweetness works deliciously with the sweet vermouth in a negroni while counter balancing the bitterness of the Campari, creating a Negroni that works in complete harmony.

Other botanicals in the gin include bergamot, another Southern Italian citrus fruit, that brings a citrus hit and distinctive aroma and Italian liquorice root, orris root, lavender & cinnamon which bring spice, bitterness and floral flavours, helping to amplify the complexities of the vermouth.

The resulting gin lifts a negroni, rather than working against it, like turning the volume up. It almost softens the initial bitter punch, making a dangerously drinkable cocktail with layers of flavour. It’s our best interpretation of the classic, and a game changer for negroni lovers. In short, it's our bitter, sweet, symphony.

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